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tarp on a canoe
tarp on a canoe

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thick tarp

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tarp on a field

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tarp on a canoe
tarp on a canoe

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Your Source in Saint-André for Tarpaulins and Vinyl Tarps

We understand that quality and value are necessary when creating a cover for your outdoor property. At A1 Tarp Inc., we use only quality materials to give you the long lasting performance you’re looking for. We offer a complete range of tarpaulins and vinyl covers for industrial, recreational and agricultural uses. Located in Saint-André, we serve Grand Falls and the surrounding areas.


Tarp Repairs and Custom Made Tarps

Our neat, organized shop features a craftsman, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. So if you have any wear and tear in your tarp, we offer professional repair. We can also design and create custom made tarps for all types of applications.


Insulated Potato Covers

We also insulate potato boxes with special material designed to keep potatoes from freezing while the truck drivers wait their turn to unload at the potato processing plant.


Our selection of industrial covers is available for all types of applications. We are happy to create a custom tarp or cover to suit the needs of your job site.

  • Dock pads
  • Portable garage covers
  • Steam roller curtains
  • Fork lift covers
  • Screen covers
  • Curtains
Get in Touch - Reach out to a member of our team for a quote


We offer a great selection of covers for recreational use:


  • Siding tubes (snow and water)

  • Boat covers

  • 4 wheeler frame covers

  • Canopies



We offer an array of options for farm and agricultural equipment storage. Whether you are looking for insulated blankets or potato chutes, we have options that will help you get the job done right.

  • Side-roll tarps for potato boxes

  • Insulated blankets

  • Conveyer covers

  • Harvester curtains

  • Planter covers

  • Hay tarps

  • Potato chutes

  • Straps and ratchets


We offer a variety of options for truckers that include trailer side roll tarps and kits. Our kits include piping, cranks, stoppers and flat bars. They are available in standard 48’, 51’ and 53’ trailers. We also offer disposal of old tarp material and installation of new. Our selection also includes fluorescent flags, danger signs and banner material.

  • Steel tarps

  • Lumber tarps of different sizes

  • Smoke tarps

  • Extra grommet rows

  • B-train tarps

  • Liners

  • Front roll tarps for asphalt & gravel boxes

  • Bungees, ratchets, hooks & more

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